Secret Cemetery

April 15, 2009
Right now I will keep this cemetery location a mystery... but it is in the Atlanta area and was established in the mid 1800's. It is not Oakland Cemetery, one of my favorite haunts.

This is how it went down. I am not claiming this to paranormal but it certainly has an other worldly vibe about it.

I entered the new entity cautious and curiously...

I saw a row of angel statuary that I wanted to photograph while driving through the vast acreage.I pulled the car to the side of the narrow passage and exited the vehicle. I started at one end of the lot and zig-zagged my way through the monuments shooting each one respectively as I came up on them.
I announced myself aloud and offered portraits to any willing spirit, as I most often do as I enter a cemetery. I began the shooting with what seemed like perfect lighting coming from behind, glowing brightly onto the aged sculptures. I gave each one my undivided attention and tried to capture the individuality of their carefully crafted forms. When I looked at my images later that evening.. I noticed that the eyes of every statue that I shot, took on a mortal quality. Now I assume that the eyes are sculpted carefully and the years fill the irises with organic materials. But some of the last of those that I photographed had features so eroded that I almost didn't shoot because they were featureless... thus useless to me for fine art purpous. But the images tell a different story.
paranormal? I dunno. Weird? totally!


Buena Vista Plantation Evidence from Investigation

January 20, 2009

"Spirit Ribbon"
Buena Vista Plantation
Photography by Teri Rice

Teri Rice 2009 Copyright 2009

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Benef​it at the Histo​ric Buena​ Vista​ Plant​ation​

January 6, 2009
This event is going to be off the hook. 
There are a few slots left from what I 
I had the opportunity to meet the Alabama 
'SPR' at Spooky Southern Soiree in Roswell Ga in December...
and let me tell you they are a group of dedicated
paranormal investigators that take their work very
Shawn Sellers will be presenting a very interesting
presentation on music legends and their affiliations with the 
paranormal and connections to the "C...

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Ghost Geek Experimental

December 26, 2008

I love to experiment. Included here are  some fun electronic  gadgets pulled from the web  that might be helpful

in the continuing study of the paranormal. I felt because of the sensitivity of some of the items that one might find  applicable usage in the field while trying new methods of communication with the spirit world.

Please send me your inventions and ideas to post here.



Imagine a bunch of little lights on a table, each about the size of a...

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FRANK'S BOX "Telephone to the dead"

December 24, 2008
FRANK'S BOX "Telephone to the dead"


I have had the opportunity to experience the 
use of Frank's Box on several occasions. 
Once on an investigation and another time 
during a paranormal conference. 
The same box was used both times.
On both occasions relatives of 2 members 
of my paranormal group PSI came through. 
One time father and the other a brother. 
During both demonstrations voices spoke 
from the box, and shouted out the name 
of the box's o...

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Roswell Ghost Tour

December 24, 2008

Roswell Ghost Tour
 Several weeks ago I attended a paranormal conference near Roswell Ga. Included in the weekend of workshops and guest speakers was the opportunity to go on the Historic Roswell Ghost Tour. I was not all that excited about what I expected to be your typical contrived event with an annoying barker calling out the hot spots. Much to my surprise it was anything but. The Barker was member of Roswell Ga Paranormal Investigations and had experienced and witnessed many of the purp...

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Cold Spot

December 20, 2008

Today I shot an orb in broad daylight... 
My friend noted that a woman had slain her husband
and another on the steps of a church I had commented on.
I drove by there today and shot a single photograph.
There appears to be an orb in the image.

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