Right now I will keep this cemetery location a mystery... but it is in the Atlanta area and was established in the mid 1800's. It is not Oakland Cemetery, one of my favorite haunts.

This is how it went down. I am not claiming this to paranormal but it certainly has an other worldly vibe about it.

I entered the new entity cautious and curiously...

I saw a row of angel statuary that I wanted to photograph while driving through the vast acreage.I pulled the car to the side of the narrow passage and exited the vehicle. I started at one end of the lot and zig-zagged my way through the monuments shooting each one respectively as I came up on them.
I announced myself aloud and offered portraits to any willing spirit, as I most often do as I enter a cemetery. I began the shooting with what seemed like perfect lighting coming from behind, glowing brightly onto the aged sculptures. I gave each one my undivided attention and tried to capture the individuality of their carefully crafted forms. When I looked at my images later that evening.. I noticed that the eyes of every statue that I shot, took on a mortal quality. Now I assume that the eyes are sculpted carefully and the years fill the irises with organic materials. But some of the last of those that I photographed had features so eroded that I almost didn't shoot because they were featureless... thus useless to me for fine art purpous. But the images tell a different story.
paranormal? I dunno. Weird? totally!