Founders Cemetery

This big orb shows up in many of my images this particular evening. 

This is the road leading to the old mill. I shot and immediately 
saw the orb approximately 12 feet ahead. I told Ben a  member 
of PSI Atlanta that I had captured it. He wanted to investigate further. 
I did not get a welcome feeling from the area and declined the offer.
Big orb over the church.
The Founders Cemetery.  A big orb in the tree where two 
investigators told me an entity often appears.
A manifestation behind Bae. Photo lightened  and cropped.
Jo a member of PSI Atlanta and I both felt something in this area.
The Former Mill owners home.
I participated in an investigation at this house.
I heard electronically unaided, a disembodied voice moaning aloud.
Close-up of above
Herman... a member of PSI Atlanta directed me to shoot this window below.
 Just a hunch. WOW!
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