FRANK'S BOX "Telephone to the dead"


I have had the opportunity to experience the 
use of Frank's Box on several occasions. 
Once on an investigation and another time 
during a paranormal conference. 
The same box was used both times.
On both occasions relatives of 2 members 
of my paranormal group PSI came through. 
One time father and the other a brother. 
During both demonstrations voices spoke 
from the box, and shouted out the name 
of the box's owner and other member's 
names. I also witnessed brief conversations 
with their alleged family members coming 
through the airwaves.
I know of several groups that use Frank's Box 
for cold case investigations to speak to those 
beyond the grave. Having seen Frank's Box in 
action... I am truly convinced that this device 
is a technology that has put us one step closer 
to knowing what happens after we die.

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GHOST BOXES... FACT OR FICTION? By: Annette Munnich 

Personal Experience

I spent the majority of 2008 in the ghost box research community.  About a year ago I was present when Jeff Rezman did a demonstration at an ISPI meeting in Mommence, Illinois. This led to a fascination on my part as to what, exactly, the box was capable of.  More...

"Does Frank's Box Really Communicate with the Dead?"
The Frank's Box, also known as the "ghost box", was invented by Frank Sumption for the purpose of communicating with higher-realm spirits. The question is, can the ghost box actually communicate with spirits from the other side?
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