Roswell Ghost Tour
 Several weeks ago I attended a paranormal conference near Roswell Ga. Included in the weekend of workshops and guest speakers was the opportunity to go on the Historic Roswell Ghost Tour. I was not all that excited about what I expected to be your typical contrived event with an annoying barker calling out the hot spots. Much to my surprise it was anything but. The Barker was member of Roswell Ga Paranormal Investigations and had experienced and witnessed many of the purported claims. I purposely fell behind the pack and photographed down dark cold streets, hoping to capture a visitor from the past. I did just that, and came home with many images that contained orbs. Later that evening under the direction of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigators...myself along with another 8 people from various para groups investigated a private residence. I capture what appears to be an orb in one bedroom and heard a moan in the same area. I was using a digital camera and a digital EMF Meter. I had a wonderful time in Historical Roswell... I would go back in a minute. It's a small town that time has forgotton, and the oldest of it's inhabitants refuse to leave.

Dianna Avena and her husband own the tour. Diana Is the Author of the Informative book Roswell History Haunts and Legends.
I recommend this tour if you are in the area and by all means take your camera. You can see some of my images from the tour on my Roswell Page on this site.