I love to experiment. Included here are  some fun electronic  gadgets pulled from the web Makershed.com  that might be helpful

in the continuing study of the paranormal. I felt because of the sensitivity of some of the items that one might find  applicable usage in the field while trying new methods of communication with the spirit world.

Please send me your inventions and ideas to post here.



Imagine a bunch of little lights on a table, each about the size of a chess piece. Each is independent of the other. You arrange them around on the table any way you want. Each one continually slowly changes colors on its own. When you wave your hand over them, it creates waves of colors that follow your hand. That's the premise behind this awesome and affordable kit from the creator of the TV-B-Gone and Brain Machine, Mitch Altman. 

EX-150 Electronic Experimental Kit 

The Gakken EX-System is a series of educational electronics kits produced by Gakken in the late 1970s. The kits use denshi blocks (also known as electronic blocks) to allow electronics experiments to be performed easily and safely. Over 25 years after its original release, one of the main kits from the series was reissued in Japan in 2002 and now you can get it here! Instruction Manual Included is in Japanese. English PDF Instructions available in the How To Tab. Needs 4 AA (not included)
  • Lets you complete 150 fun and interesting experiments using the provided blocks and parts.
  • Kids can explore and learn as they build their own projects.
  • Sturdy project board has built-in handle for easy carry.
  • Assemble each experiment separately by rearranging "plug-in" components.
  • Fun, intelligent, no wiring, no soldering, and battery powered.


Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer Kit

This easy to construct kit is a fun way to play with cellular automata and video synthesis. When complete you will be able to uncover endless visual and sound patterns on any TV with a composite NTSC video input. From Critter & Guitari, All of the components are thru-hole mounted, including board mounted potentiometers, and a pre-programmed microcontroller. No programming is necessary, all that is needed to complete the kit is a soldering iron.

Peggy 2 Kit

Peggy 2 is an updated version of the "Peggy 1" light-emitting pegboard display. Version 2 adds simple animation capability and Arduino compatibility. Freaking the holy bejesus out of Boston optional. A versatile, high-brightness LED display.
  • What's New in Peggy 2?
  • Peggy 2 supports the same basic functionality as the original Peggy: it drives up to 625 LEDs of up to 10 mm size. Still open-source and hackable.

  • There are a few improvements:
    Peggy 2 now supports limited animation with individually
  • addressable LED locations. If you plan to reprogram Peggy, you'll find it more powerful now.

  • Besides ISP programming, Peggy 2 now 
    also supports programming through a USB-TTL cable, using the popular Arduino software environment. (Just like programming a Boarduino or Bare Bones Boards.)

  • Uses the popular ATmega168-20PU microcontroller and a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, making it easy to run Arduino code on Peggy.

  • The blank margins on the left and right edges of the circuit board have been trimmed so there's no "dead" space on either side.

  • Small breadboard-style prototyping area added to board; fits up to a DIP-16 package.



Make, mod, hack, and bend your own analog noise monster! The ThingamaKIT is a DIY analog synthesizer that you control in a different way. The amount of light falling on its photocell eyes change the pitch and modulation, allowing to you use it LEDacles, or any changing light source, to created audio madness! If none are in stock, take note, more are on the way!


The theremin, invented in 1919 by Russian scientist Leon Theremin, is one of the world's earliest fully electronic instruments, and is also unique in that it was the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched. The eerie, other-worldly tones as heard in the films mentioned above are created by the proximity of the player's hands to the metal antennas, with the resulting radio frequency interference being transformed into musical tones. Instructions are in Japanese but  features highly detailed assembly pictures, sorry no English translation at this time. Easy to build and play!

The Solar Powered Theremin (Heliophone) Kit
This is an electronics kit suitable for beginners but it DOES require some soldering. With very few parts you can build a tiny solar powered theremin enclosed in an mint tin (NOT INCLUDED) like our new 

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